– Our Mission-

Provide Reliable Information to Facilitate Informed, Civil Discourse

Chester County 2020 (CC2020) is a non-profit change agent working to connect and educate the county’s resident and business and political leaders. CC2020 engages stakeholders in cooperative efforts to address common issues; dispel misguided rumors that develop in any community discussion; and produce measurable action on issues that affect the county’s quality of life. Chester County 2020 is a trusted non-partisan, community-sensitive organization. We convene, educate and serve diverse constituencies. A gratifying outcome is enhanced communication and cooperation among organizations and individuals of wide-ranging attitudes and expertise. Direct involvement with natural resource protection and farmland preservation continues as CC2020 responds to issues involving the dynamics of an increasing population. Since the year 2000, more than 50,000 new residents have moved to Chester County.  Such an increase in population translates into challenges for livable communities and resource protection. If there is to be less sprawl in the cornfields and less degradation to critical natural resources, especially the watersheds, the urban centers must become more livable. Density proposals in areas where infrastructure exists need to become less contentious. Allied concerns involve the serious shortage of affordable homes; improved, accessible public transportation; safer and less congested roadways, and fostering a sense of community. Our programs for conservation, education, and community invite your participation and need your support.

– Board of Directors –

John B. Hannum, Jr., Esq. ,Chairman George Asimos, Esq., President Judy DiFilippo, Treasurer William J. Stevens III, Executive Director

William Reynolds David Beideman Brian Nagle Denny Howell MaryAnna Ralph Lauren VanDyk Tommy Ciccarone Dorothy Ives Dewey